Thursday, March 6, 2008

end of interview season!

Yes, yes… bad MSTP blogger. I haven’t written about the grandeur and glamour that is the life of an MD/PhD in a while. I kind of thought I would have time to do so while recovering from a recent surgery, but it turns out I just slept a lot.

There are some of you that I really liked and was saddened to find out that you were not offered a spot on the admissions list. Let’s just say that if I had some say, I would have changed that for a few of you. Seeing as how I enjoyed meeting you because you were intelligent, balanced, and fun to talk to, I am sure you got an offer from other great schools. The national MSTP crowd is well connected enough that I can reasonably expect to cross paths with you sometime again in our careers.

And now I just want to take a few minutes to say:

-it was awesome meeting those applicants that I was fortunate enough to meet

-I am pumped to learn that there are already a good number of you signed on and committed to the program

-come to second look weekend

-no, really, come to second look weekend. It’s FREE.

Second look is absurdly fun (really, it’s ridiculous.) If you can, I suggest that you come to the one that combines the MD class with the MSTPs. If not, at least go to the MSTP only one. Even if you aren’t totally into WashU at that point, second look is a great time to network with other MSTPs, some of whom will end up here and some of whom will choose other schools.

Oh, and I am helping to plan the MD/MSTP combined weekend. Unfortunately, the MSTP-exclusive weekend falls on our spring break, so the 1st and 2nd years will be mostly out of town by then. I might still try to meet up with you on the Friday prior, but that’s pending.

At any rate, being an MSTP here is still awesome and I am still having the time of my life. And I can speak first hand that if you for any reason must take some time off from school (say, to get your leg repaired), the school is wonderful to you throughout the process. You don’t appreciate it until you need it.

See you in April…

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