Wednesday, January 16, 2008

One semester down...

So, we're about a week and a half into the second semester of first year, so I thought it was time to write an update. I've actually tried writing this a couple of times, but for some reason it's been hard. anyway, here it goes.

It's kind of weird reflecting on all of the things that I learned over the last six months. The amount of information that I know now and didn't before starting med school is kind of astounding. Finals at the end of the year was definitely a bit intense, but it felt great to get it done! However, after being in st. Louis for more than 7 months I can confidently say that I am so happy with my choice to come to WashU and St. Louis. I even forget sometimes how lucky we are. When I told some people over break that med school was fun, they just gave me the strangest looks because that's not a word they were used to hearing associated with first year of med school. However, I'd say that there's a pretty good consensus of happiness among the first years!

Winter break was fantastic, although a bit short. I could have used a couple of extra days. It was nice hanging with my family though and just taking it easy.

it was great coming back to school and seeing all of my friends. I really missed them over break. This semester has been pretty good so far. I definitely miss anatomy all ready as now we have a lot more time in lecture, but small groups do help break it up. Plus, I really like the classes that we have this semester. Anyway, I guess that's all. We'll see how things go this semester!

PS. A fun video that we were looking at during physio small group today. Enjoy!


chilledsoup said...

Hi! I've enjoyed reading your posts, even though I'm only going into an MD program for next year. I was wondering if there was any bias against Mac users at WashU, as I'm in need of a new laptop and was thinking about jumping ship from a lifetime of PC use. Are there a lot of Mac users among your classmates, and do you know if those who are using Macs have any problems? Thanks so much!

R said...

the only possible problem Mac users might have is with our lecture recordings. The MP3s will work fine for Mac users, but the pseudo-video ones might require IE as a browser. I'm pretty sure that the Mac users have been using the PCs that the school provides us to watch these, but this issue may have been resolved.

I know people who just got a Mac after a semester here, so the school is certainly Mac friendly. The IT office personnel mostly use Macs, I've noticed.

CCLCM Student said...

Enjoy first year while you can, because second year is a lot more intense. :-P