Sunday, May 13, 2007

First entry!

So this marks the obligatory first blog post where you often read things like "just testing out the new blog" or "about me: ..."

I am starting this to see if we as an entering MSTP class can provide future MSTP/med school hopefuls with some info on WashU, MSTP life, medical school, St. Louis, etc. This is not affiliated with the school or any program therein, just me and (hopefully) a few more students of the incoming MSTP 2007 class. Who knows, maybe we will keep writing over the entire 8-ish years of our MSTP careers. I doubt it… I hear we will be pretty busy with all that learnin. But you can’t blame a guy for trying.

So yes, I am just testing out the new blog. How about a little about me? I’m 22 and just about to finish the last 3 finals of my tedious undergraduate career at UW-Madison. I was born and raised in the “Midwest”, but we mostly just call it the North where I come from. I grew up in what started in a smallish town and became a largish suburb before moving to Madison, WI for 4 years.

We’ll see who else I can coerce into writing here.

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