Thursday, September 20, 2007

work all day, play all night.

Well, we (mostly) survived our first MSTP retreat. Now, going into the retreat, I thought that the second year MS’s were a little crazy. They seem to party harder than anyone I had ever seen over the summer. That, combined with the fact that the second year students (including the MSTPs) had just finished their first exam block, lead me to expect that the second year MSTP students would be partying pretty hard on that Saturday night. Well.. I was wrong. The older MSTPs, especially those who are about halfway through their lab work, were intense! The retreat was mind-blowingly fun. I mean, the float trip was great because it was mostly just the firstyears, and all of the MS’s were involved. But the MSTP crowd, it turns out, is just as fun.

I think I got to bed around 4:30 AM. Others just didn’t sleep at all. After listening to 5ish hours of research presentation, you really gotta let loose.

(it's hard to blog while listening to uncle bob lecture about heart physiology...)

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