Thursday, July 19, 2007

The "other" guys

Oh, and I have started watching the traffic stats for this blog and, to my dismay, we are actually being read! Hopefully that means some of you folks are/will be finding this helpful. Don’t forget we link to other MSTP blogs on the side panel on the right. You can ‘em check out if you want to know more about how each school does it differently, etc. Some more MSTP focused while others are more like personal journals for people who happen to be MSTP students. Either way, kill some time and read them. After you read ours, of course. Ours is probably the best*.

*not really


thomas said...

Hey - Thanks for the link. I definitely count as a blogger who happens to be an MSTP.

CCLCM Student said...

Thanks for linking me up, too. If you want to get even more traffic, you should join Medical Student Blogs at which has links to student blogs from all over the world. Just leave a comment for the author saying that you want to join. FYI, it will take some time before he adds you because he reads each blog and writes a post about it before adding it to the list. If he has a backlog, it might be a while before he gets to yours.

Good luck to you with school. :-)